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All About Clancy’s

*Please note that the menu section on this site is currently under maintenance and that actual prices may be different upon order. Please ask for prices when calling in an order for pickup.

Ed and Kevin Kelly always wanted to open another restaurant & bar in the local area. Then one day, the old Mort’s Port/Polo Club license became available, so they purchased it. With no location in mind, they just sat on it for two years.

Then they were approached by the owners of the proposed West Grove Mall Site. The owners of the mall wanted a restaurant/bar like Kelly’s Tavern on the site. So an agreement was reached and the Kelly Brothers started building the interior in March of 2002.  Four months later, they were done, the interior was complete and open for business on June 29, 2002.

Clancy’s has been a success, and this is attributed to its finest loyal clientele, the summer business from the Ocean Grove Area and Great Auditorium Concerts and also from the redevelopment of Asbury Park with the large influx of summer crowds. Clancy’s also relies on the year round business from surrounding communities.

It is hard to believe that Clancy’s has been open for over a decade, and we appreciate the great people that continue to enjoy our…

Great Food, Great Drinks and Great Service.

Thank you to all of our friends and valued customers, we look forward to continue serving you in the future.


Ed & Kevin Kelly